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Preparing for your Pashnit Tour:
What to bring & what not:

3 & 4 Day Rides:

As a general rule with the shorter Pashnit Motorcycle Tours, we reccomend that riders travel light. During our 3-Day tours, think of it being a quick in-and-out as time flies you might say. And most of that time is spent riding.


You can never have too many. Well, as long as your battery can provide all the juice you'll need to run all that stuff. Any time you have to add a shelf to your bike, you know you've got a lot of stuff. We tease Tim about this (that's his bike in the pic). On the flip side, I don't run any. Yin & Yang. Well, okay, the Autocom in the tail of the bike. I think that would qualify as a gadget.

Couple Gadgets


This is your choice of course, but on a 3-Day ride, you'll need very little. We spend the weekend riding, so whatever you feel comfortable in under your riding gear will be best. A pair of trousers, t-shirt, socks, etc for each day and so on.

And bring some swim trunks if you'd like to jump in the pool or jacuzzi at the end of our ride day!



PMT strongly encourages you to wear full gear. So if you bring anything, bring that. Your gear is your choice of course, but your safety is a paramount concern.

Helmets, gloves, jacket, boots & riding pants are the riding attire of the majority of Pashnit Riders.


Dress for the weather:

A smart well-traveled motorcyclist knows to prepare for the weather ahead. No heater on this baby. No air-conditioner either.

Spring Riders: While rain is rare, even in Springtime (we have great luck, no really, we do!), temps can vary widely during our April-May riding season. Don't show up for a Spring ride in perforated leathers and be surprised by 55 degree temps (happened!).

Pashnit Rides often traverse through micro-climates which California is famous for. Ride 30 miles, whole different climate. 90 degree temps, few hours later we're playing in snow. Welcome to Cali. Dress in layers. Like mom used to say... You can't put it on if you don't have it.

Summer & Fall: They don't call it the Golden State for nothin'! Summers and Fall are typically warm in California, climate here is said to be a Mediterranean type. Hot dry sunny summers and wet winters. If you ride in summer, be prepared for wide temperature swings. We've ridden through 30 degree swings in a matter of hours (Pacific Coast headed inland). Bring the perorated jacket, but be sure and have a method (wind-proof liner) of staying warm.



Do not show up for one of these rides on bald tires, nearly bald tires, or half-worn tires. We'll be searching for an open motorcycle shop at 5pm on a holiday weekend. Ride a 1000 mile weekend and I promise you'll burn some of the rubber off. So bring tires. Fresh ones. Riders are prone to forgetting the last 30% of tread will wear off twice as fast. Be smart and when in doubt, swap out for a fresh set.

And yes, the picture at right was shot on one of the tours. Thankfully, the tour was over, and this fella was only miles from his house.

Yes, he made it.
The Short List:  

Spare Key - order one through your local dealer. Don't travel without it. Leave it in the pants pocket of your riding suit and forget about it. Hopefully you'll never need it.

Earplugs - Need to hear stats on hearing loss due to sustained wind noise? Huh, What's that? Didn't think so.

Sunscreen - Hey, it's California. It's always sunny here!!

Two sets of gloves (warm/cold) - handy to have, light pair for midday, middleweight pair for morning, nighttime riding

Spare Shield - you may prefer sunglasses, but I've always carried two- light/dark

Electric Vest: Once you go heated clothing, you'll never go back. And.. you'll wonder how you survived all those years without it.

Miscellany: Spare set of levers, spare set of footpegs, Camera & Charger, maps

Lastly... Before you ride, order your Pashnit sew-on Patch. Show your colors with this instant conversation starter. Be recognized and spread the word about this grass-roots phenomenon!


What the Tour Guides bring...

Cycle Pump Air Compressor Cycle Pump & Stop-n-Go Tire Repair Kit- Over the years, we've become a big fan of this product having patched our share of tires. Don't leave home without it. We've also discovered riders with low tire pressure (in the middle of nowhere of course) Fill 'em or Patch 'em. On our merry way.
Purchase yours here

Siphon Hose - Available at any auto parts store for a couple bucks. Also don't leave home without it. Used to carry MSR Fuel Cannisters, but with group riding, this is even better.

6' Cable Lock - Not fancy, but simple & light. Just a plastic coated steel cable to lock our bikes together at night.

First Aid Kit - We have yet to use it, which is a good thing.

Geza Cover

Geza Bike Cover - We've become big fans of the Geza Cover over the years. This stretchy cover comes in several variations, black or silver, and one those things don't leave home without. Very light, and super-compact. Packs into a bag you can fit into your palm.


Stickers & Business Cards- You'd be surprised, we meet people all the time on the side of road to hand these to. "Hey, are you that pashnit guy?!"

Basic Tool Kit - pliers, wire strippers, spare electrical wire, electricians tape, zip ties, velcro, couple metric wrenches & screwdrivers, alan wrenches, flashlight, multimeter, battery cables, chain lube, Plexus, spare rag, tire gauge. And Miracle Tape, which as the picture at right demonstrates, can fix anything! In this case, a leaky radiator hose held together with a hose clamp and tape!

Spare Parts: extra set of levers, spare gear shift lever, extra footpegs- sportbike & Harley. These are very light compact items, and you can bust a lever or footpeg off just in a parking lot tip-over.


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