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Dining, Food & Other thoughts of grandeur.
So let's get one thing clear. No, these tours are not so much about food as they are about riding. However... can you travel anywhere without wondering where your next meal is coming from? So over the years, we've tried quite a few restaurants, often rotating even among the offerings of a particular town. So here's some insight on what's in-store for your upcoming Pashnit Motorcycle Tour...

Good Food

Rocky Point Restaurant
California Big Sur

While we don't always stop here, this has become a favorite of the Central Coast Tour. With a view that stretches southward across the California Big Sur Coastline, this outdoor eating experience is one we've come to look forward to!


Childs Meadow Resort

The best steak I say, bar none. Supple, tender, downright juicy, and pray tell- what is the secret sauce? Our chef wouldn't say. But after a few bites, didn't care. You can't go wrong with steak and potatoes. Forget all those fancy-schmancy high-brow food names you can't pronounce. Bring on the steak!

Childs Meadow Steak


Gualala, CA Barbecue

Gualala, California

Say it with me. BBQ!! Could it get any simpler? It was the smell that got us actually. Riding through the tiny town of Gualala along the Pacific Coast, that smell that wafted into our helmets. And where to sit? Some picnic tables right there overlooking the Pacific. Perfect!!


Ahwahnee Hotel
Yosemite National Park

Opened in 1927, the world-famous Ahwahnee Hotel speaks for itself. We lunch under 34 ft high ceilngs in the grand dining room. It's enjoyable to just stroll about this rustic hotel and try to absorb the history inside these hallowed walls. And oh that focaccia bread! It was fantastic!

Awahnee Hotel

The Deer Lodge, Ojai, CA

The Deer Lodge
Ojai, California

So what does the quintessential biker hangout really look like? Well, we found it with the Deer Lodge. For one, it involves great food, a 1930esque feel, and lined with motorcycles out front. Order your food, and the fella out there by the smokey grill prepares it to your liking. Potluck style dining, a side of chili comes with every meal.


Big Sur Pacific Coastline

We've got three favorites. And we often rotate among them. Do the same tour twice, you won't be eating at the same place twice. Rocky Point Restaurant, the Ventana & the Nepenthe are some of our favorites. Views that stretch off across endless miles of Pacific Ocean. Yep, got that. A menu full of choices, options, and something to suit your fancy? Yep, got that too.

Nepenthe Restaruant

Bridgeport, CA

The Hole in the Wall.

Where can you find the best food? Sometimes in the most unlikely places. Some of the best food we've had while out riding has been the smallest, least fancy and unassuming place of hearty goodness. This photo was shot in Bridgeport, CA during the Sierra Nevada Tour. Another nearby gem is Walker Burger in Walker, CA. Outdoor seating. Food prepared right there. No need to super-size that. Already done for you.


Fort Bragg, California

Cajun-style pan-seared cod. Yeah, that works. Here's the menu back. Was it hot? You bet. Several glasses of water later, I was feelin' good. Real good. We eat on the water when in Fort Bragg, a view of the ocean as the fishing boats come and go. And the cod? All caught locally in that big blue ocean right there.

Fort Bragg


Parkfield Cafe

The sign proclaims it to be the Earthquake Capital of the World. But it's really just a gimmick to get us to try out the restaurant. It worked. And located in the middle of nowhere I might add. But this one is well-known by motorcyclists in this part of Central California and they flock here to check out the cowboy decor, the bridge with the bend in the middle and of course the food!


Big Bubbas Bad BBQ

Any place with 'Bubba' in the title can't be all bad. This place is suppose to be famous, but all I saw was the desert menu. Is that really what I think it is? Chocolate cake so large, it wouldn't fit on the plate. Oh, and I ordered that before the meal. Oh wait, that was the meal. ;)

Chocolate Cake


Awahnee Hotel

Your Table is Ready.

In truth, it's not about the food. Not really. It's the food that gives us the opportunity to be together. It's the cross-table exchange, the eye contact, the curiosity in someone you've never met before. Different backgrounds, different hometowns, different bikes. Sportbike, cruiser. No matter. No labels here. No titles. You share the things that matter most. You and your counterpart across the table...
They love to ride.
They love motorcycles.
And here because they're Pashnit!

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