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OUR EMAIL: Hey Tim, I've admired and followed your site personally and professionally for years now, so I suppose it was only a matter of time that I'd end up running an article about one of your tours. Cat McLeod wrote it, and It'll be in the next issue of Motorcycle Escape magazine.
All the best, Andy Cherney
Editor Motorcycle Escape Magazine

Southern Oregon +
New Route!!

Spend the 4-Day Labor Day weekend riding as we launch this tour from Northern California and head for Crater Lake in Southern Oregon. Ride covers Best Rides of NorCal, then exploring southern Oregon Motorcycle Roads. Book this Ride! Sign up is active!

Photos Threads updated...
Hundreds of pics!

If you like travel photography and want to do a little armchair ridin', you need to check out the new photo threads about our Pashnit Motorcycle Tours. Each one was an excting adventure in itself. The brand new Coast Range Tour was a rousing success and our riders had a phenomenal time- including two Canadians who flew in to escape the snow of the north! Ironically, we got snowed on while riding in the NorCal Mountains!

Curvy roads, familiar faces, good food and amazing California Roads rounded out our rides! The next tour is just around the corner and riders are looking over the schedule and making plans already. Looking forward to a lot of new faces, and quite a few familiar ones too!

It looked something like this...

And this...

And a bit of this...


New Pashnit Webpages

As PMT grows, we want to give you the most information possible to aid you in making your decision on which tour company to choose for your next Guided Motorcycle Tour!

There are new pages for What to Bring, Gift Certificates, Free Stuff, Top 10 Reasons to Go on a Tour, Tour Video, Rider's Video contributions, better organization of the increasing array of Ride Photos & Group Photos, Food & Dining, Pashnit Shirts & Hats, and the Season Pass.

Just imagine, go on as many tours as you'd like!


New Tours!
The Foothills, Southern Oregon, China Peak, Fresno Bakin', Far North & SoCal Mountain.

Come along on the Coast Range! Now if you need a definition of what Californians might call a backroad, you'll have to check out the new page. But suffice to say, these are paved roads we call Goat Trails- long forgotten by the hurried general public and often stuck back in mountainous terrain.

This tour is more orientated towards advanced riders that want to get out there. Covering a vast region along the Pacific Ocean in the Coastal Mountains north of San Francisco, we'll be criss-crossing low mountain passes for three days!

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High Sierra Tour = All New! We continue to enjoy our redesigned Sierra Nevada Mountain Tour. If you have ridden on the Pashnit Sierra Nevada Tour in the past, this one is all different! We still hit Yosemite National Park, but spend the majority of the ride above 5000 feet covering 6 mountain passes in the High Sierra Nevada Mountains. This is also a great tour in summer as we avoid the heat!
Sign up today, these will fill up!

Season Pass

A quick blurb on the Season Pass- this was an idea put forth by Pashnit Alumni who keep showing up for our tours. It's pretty simple, purchase a Season Pass, and ride on as many tours as you like during the Tour Season. Just let us know your choice of dates well ahead of time well to ensure your reservation and we look forward to riding with you!
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Pashnit Gift Certificates

Your Significant Other won't stop surfing the Pashnit Website you say?
Are they printing these pages and pinning them up on the refrigerator?
Is Pashnit Photography constantly showing up as your screensaver?
We've got just the thing!

Link on over to the Gift Certificate webpage, print out the pdf file on some card stock paper, make it look all pretty and slide it into that birthday card. See, that was easy! Shopping done!
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And Lastly,
See the photos...
The 2009 Grand Tour - Be right here!!
Tired of looking AT the photos? Want to be IN the photos?

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