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Cycle Pump

At last there's an easy way to fill a flat tire or adjust your tire pressure on the road, without resorting to inefficient CO2 cartridges or a frustratingly slow hand pump.  The CyclePump is a powerful 12 volt motorcycle tire inflator in a sturdy aluminum case.

The Cycle Pump comes with a 12" air hose,  a clip-on locking air chuck, an 8 foot electrical cord, a Universal Plug that fits BMW and automotive-style cigarette lighter plugs, an SAE fitting that fits many battery charges and heated clothing harnesses, and an attractive Cordura storage pouch.  The case measures less than 2"x4"x6" and weighs only 26 ounces.  It'll easily fit in your tank bag or saddle bags.

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Stop & Go Tire Repair  

Through the years, we've become a big believer in these Tire Repair Kits. Not only should you carry one when you're out traveling, but that notion is backed up with plenty of experience while conducting 18,000 miles of guided tours each year. Take a look at these pics. Yes, that's a real nail we pulled out of one of our rental bikes that a Pashnit Rider had picked up.

The tire was brand new with less that 200 miles, but the nail pictured above didn't much care about that. Out in the middle of nowhere as we typically are, we were able to easily remove the nail, plug the tire with the Stop & Go Tire Repair kit, pump it up with the Cycle Pump and on our way in minutes!

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Adaptiv Motorcycle Radar

Your tour guides are outfitted with the latest in radar technology designed just for we motorcyclists - the first of its kind! The Adaptiv TPX radar detector is a new offering from the folks at Adaptiv Technologies. Now that we've put many miles on this new radar detector, we're convinced at how well it works. Read about that here!

Adaptiv Motorcycle Radar is waterproof, shock & vibration proofed with a ruggedize design. Add-on components such as the LED Alert and a wireless heads up display make it a very useful and intuitive design. The Adaptiv can be plugged into your Comm or GPS system.

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Dubbelju Motorcycle Rentals

Located in the heart of San Francisco, Dubbelju Motorcycle Rental offers 4 BMW models to chose from. Perhaps you'd like to ride the GS, or the F650, Dubbelju is ready to accommodate your ride.

Pashnit Motorcycle Tours works in partnership with Dubbelju Motorcycle Rentals to get you the best rental rate, and premium service.

Want to expand your horizons? Dubbelju Rentals also has Triumph motorcycles, both the Bonneville & Thundercat models to bring some variety to your motorcycle vacation! Contact Dubbelju and be sure to mention you'll be renting in conjunction with your Pashnit Motorcycle Tour to receive our special rates!

Dubbelju Motorcycle Rental

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