Highway 36 in Northern California is often considered one of the best Motorcycle Roads in the entire state !!
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Come ride the NorCal Motorcycle Tour!
When they come from miles around to ride these roads, you know there's only one thing in store for you!
Our Northern California 3-Day Tour rides through beautiful Marin County, Hwy 1 Pacific Coastline before finally reaching NorCal's Ultimate Ride- Hwy 36. This ride covers a hand-picked set of roads where the ride is why you're here! We'll ride the Trinity Alps and climb to elevations over 5000 feet offering up stunning views & great curves!!
This is a tour where you can always see the next curve!

We'll meet in Sausalito which is located just north of San Francisco Bay. The twisties are only a moment away and the rolling hills of Marin County are just blocks away. Riders will arrive as early as 7:00 AM, but try to make it by at least 7:30 for the safety brief. We like to get an early start to avoid the traffic, and spend the majority of our time riding! Your tour guides will plan to arrive at around 7:00.

Make sure your bike has a full tank of gas when you arrive at the coffee house.

The Editors of Cycle World Magazine atop Bolinas Ridge - Marin Co, CA.

Once we reach Highway 1 and begin to make our way north, you'll realize this is one of these places you could ride 100 times and never grow tired of.

The ride is twisty, then straight, then a sudden hairpin. All the while, the sea stretches off to the horizon glowing of a deep blue color.

Mid-day we'll stop for lunch and get to know each other a little better. The laughter flows and the food is always fantastic! Then we'll make for the Point Arena Lighthouse. A photographers delight, this picturesque lighthouse was rebuilt after the first was damaged in the 1906 earthquake. It was soon rebuilt and now stands on a picturesque spit out into the ocean. There's even a small museum to check out.

Afterwards, we'll make for Fort Bragg and continue up to Rockport. What ensues is an intense frollicking fun ride through one of the twistiest sections of road in the entire state of California.

There's 372 corners in a 24 mile section of road and it was REPAVED recently- glassy smooth! It will be one of the highlights of the entire tour.

Once we hit Highway 101, we'll stop in the Avenue of the Giants for a quick break and make our way to Fortuna arriving in the early evening. The group will meet up for dinner at the Eel River Brewing Company next door to the hotel and proceed to greatly exaggerate our motorcycling exploits of years gone by.

The NorCal Motorcycle Paradise

Imagine the perfect day. That pretty much sums up our ride.

This is a day of motorcycling bliss.Our motorcycling nirvana is only moments away in the form of a little road called Highway 36. Named the Best Motorcycle Road in the State of California by Friction Zone Magazine (your tour guide wrote that article by the way). This ride climbs up from the Pacific Ocean, through a redwood forest, and begins climbing across several low mountain ranges. It's time to find out what all the hype is about! Everything you've heard and read about this road is absolutely true. But it must be experienced first hand to truly believe. Regardless of the bike you ride, you will love this road.

After some thriling vistas that stretch for miles, it's time for some backroad exploring. Nothing like riding a particular road and not seeing another soul. Northern California is like that.

Our mountain pass awaits and up and over we go in a thrilling lean angle ride to the summit. We'll stop at the top of Hayfork Pass and drool over the view across the mountain tops. Breathtaking, just simply breathtaking.

After lunch in Weaverville, we'll traverse one of Northern California's most scenic rides through the Trinity River Canyon. Our trek sticks to the curves and flowing motion of the Trinity River. At times the road is high above the river and it feels as though mountain tops surround on either side. This ride goes on for miles into the Six Rivers National Forest and Trinity Alps.

Riders on Hwy 36

To finish off the day, the group will ride one of Nothern California's most unknown gems. Imagine 50 miles of mountain ridgeline with a road paved across the top. The view is absolutely stunning and stretches off for miles across mountaintops in all directions. If we see a single other vehicle, it'll come as a surprise.

There's a reason why Northern California is revered by motorcyclists. This day will show you why and leave you wondering when you'll be able to make it back up here.

After our ride, we'll talk the evening away over a wonderful dinner together. Then, it's just a few steps back to our lodging where we'll relax in the Jacuzzi and swim in the indoor heated pool. Bring your trunks!

The Coastal Back Roads

Sunday is a fun day of frolicking too! If you thought the last two days were fun, a new day of riding just dawned. As we make our way back to the Bay Area, there's much inbetween ready to be explored!

Point Arena Lighthouse

After a hearty breakfast, the group will leave Fortuna and ride through a fantastic section of road called Avenue of the Giants. We'll stand in awe of these massive redwood trees, some of which are said to weigh as much as 1,000,000 million pounds, apiece. We'll take an easy pace to give you a chance to look at these amazing works of nature. Oh, and don't forget some of the odd tourist attractions along the way that make this area known.

The first time we rode the twistiest section of Highway 1 on Friday- you swore you'd get back up here to ride this road again. Well, we're going to grant your wish and ride this portion of Highway 1 the other way. Halfway, we'll stop, pull over, and just look at each other with huge grins. You're having the time of your life!

Then to finish out this fantastic section of road, we'll skirt the edge of The Lost Coast, and descend to the Pacific Ocean. After lunch, we'll make for one of California's great treasures- Stewarts Point -Skaggs Spring Road, where we'll head inland in a twisty ride over to Lake Sonoma.

It's been a great weekend of riding!! One we soon won't forget. I know once I get home, I'll be walking on Cloud 9 for quite some time!

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October 2018

12-14 - See the Pics

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Meeting Place:

1000 Bridgeway
Sausalito, CA

Meet 7:00, Safety Brief 7:30, Depart 8:00 AM

Arriving early?
If you are arriving early, Tour Participants often stay at:

Next Tour :
Friday, October 12, 2018

Contact Info:
Tim Mayhew - : 530-391-1356
Contact via email

Lodging - 2 Nights:

Comfort Inn
1583 Riverwalk Dr, Fortuna, CA 95540
(indoor pool & spa- bring those trunks!)

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Mattole Rd - The Lost Coast - Say: "I want to go there!!"

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Bolinas Ridge, Marin Co, CA Ride Video: See one of the highlights of the Northern California Tour, a ride along Marin County's Bolinas Ridge. Ride above the clouds in this fun vid shot while on the NorCal Tour

NorCal Day 1 - Bolinas Ridge Vid - 2:13

PASHNIT NorCal PhotoStory: See all the Photography from one of our NorCal Rides. We had a great group of riders and quite the variety of bikes- click this link to download Pashnit Photography shot on the NorCal Tour!!

PASHNIT NorCal PhotoStory - 6:00 12K
Pacific Coast Highway Ride Video - see but a glimpse of what makes riding along the Pacific Ocean so exciting! Special thanks to PMT Videographer Joe Seppes for this video. A Seppes Short Film.
Pacific Coast Highway - 9:00, 47M


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Northern California Tour

Northern California Tour

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April 2008


Surfin the NorCal Click to see pics


April 2007 Click to see pics

A Personal Note from your Tour Guide: Over the years, I've written hundreds of pages of text about riding in Northern California. Whether it's a magazine calling to ask about the Top 5 Roads in Calfornia, a new page for the CA Moto Roads site or a one-on-one conversation with an out-of-state rider planning their dream vacation- I point them here. I call it the NorCal Riding Paradise for good reason. We've done this tour many times over the years, and riders have even returned to do the tour again. We stop at every mountain top gawking in awe at the view while giggling about the curves that lay behind us. And in front of us. The conversation flows, the camaraderie is always there and at the end of the day- a hot tub and a cold pint is within walking distance. I can tell you every road is fantastic, but it's becoming a cliche. You just need to come see for yourself what all the hoopla is about. After all, it's only just paradise. -Tim

Ride Highway 1 along the Pacific Ocean on a Pashnit Tour


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