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When we announced a motorcycle tour through Southern California, we were floored with inquires and interest from alumni. Nearly 30 riders said they wanted to attend the inaugural SoCal ride. Bear in mind we hadn't released any tour details. Nothing. Nada. Where we were headed, roads, cities, sights. Nope. Did any of that even matter? No again. All you need to know is Pashnit Motorcycle Tours is headed for Southern California.

So meet us at the top of the Grapevine.
We're here to ride...


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23 Million.

So here's the problem. And what no guidebook or tourist brochure will tell you. How do you plan a motorcycle ride through the midst of 23 million people? And avoid all of them. That's 23 with a capital M.

The solution lies in the shape of the land itself, the contour. All those millions of people live mostly upon broad flat valleys. And surrounding these plains? Mountains. Lots of 'em. In nearly every direction.

And therein lies the solution, the master plan, for the ultimate motorcycle ride.

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Angeles National Forest...

Our tour starts from the top of The Grapevine, aka 4160 ft Tejon Pass. To the east- the Angeles National Forest mountain range, a east-west line of sharp peaks that deftly separates Southern California with its northerly neighbors. A massive range covering 1000 square miles with seven peaks over 9000 ft.

But none of that is important to you. What you want to know is, tell me about the roads!

Fair enough. Old Ridge. Pine Canyon. San Franciscito. Bouquet Canyon. Soledad Canyon. Little Tujunga Canyon. Big Tujunga. Angeles Forest. Angeles Crest.

Any of those ring a bell? A non-stop orgy of twisty goodness. An amazing amount of fun. Traffic is strangely light. The lean goes on and on. It's just us traipsing about the SoCal ridges and canyons. The curves, the peaks, the views. Perfect day.

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Joshua Tree...

So here's the fun part. This fantastic range of mountain comes to an end and dumps you into a desert. But not just any stereotypical mound of sand, rather this is high desert - dotted with Joshua Trees. So named by Mormons who thought their outstretch branches resembled biblical Joshua praying to the almighty. At least that's the folkloric version of the story.

Our generation though is likely just thinking of the so-named U2 album. Hum 'Where the streets have no name' as you ride through the park which spans nearly a million square acres.

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Keys View...

It may be a cliché, but we like mountain tops. The view, the ride into the sky, call it what you will. But we like it.

Keys View is just that at 5185 feet, nearly a mile into the sky. Nearby peaks bump over 10,000 feet and the scene southward on a clear day spans over the sprawling desert towns of Palm Springs.

Two desert ecosystems, the Mojave and the Colorado, come together in Joshua Tree National Park. And come to this elevation at the right time, and it will be snowing.

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Palms to Pines.

The moment doesn't last. It can't. The reason? The allure in the distance, the range across the valley - the switchbacks of Seven Level Hill climb up the side. So if the earlier reference to that U2 album gave you a blank stare, let's try this instead...

Remember in 'It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World' the crazy car chase scene on the mountain? Yeah, that one. Well campers, that's next on the list.

Palms to Pines Highway has a somewhat self-explanatory title. And here's what makes Southern California so unique.

While the lay person, the uninitiated, the person who needs to get out more might assume Southern California is all palm tree line boulevards - it only takes a few miles to change your mind. Top of the range is another world from the desert below and yes, there are pine tree forests.

Joshua Tree National Monument - Motorcycle
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San Diego County.

Here's what no map will tell you. There's a line in the sand south of Hemet - where San Diego County begins and the megopolis of greater Los Angeles fades in the mirrors. It's another world and completely unexpected.

To the motorcyclist, it can be sheer paradise. Mountainous terrain continues, but the sprawl fades and the countryside begins. Exit from the city, the towns, and you've got a recipe for awesome riding, great weather, and perfect company.

Take what you will from all you've heard about Palomar, it's worth it. Swooping up the mountainside to the observatory, the road was carved out in the 1930's.

The intent was to build a smooth path for transporting building materials to the top of the range.

That clues you in to sweeping smooth banked corners. And yes, near the top, there's a guy that'll take your picture and post it on the internet as you round the corners.

Palomar, Montezuma Grade, Sunrise Highway, Mt Laguna- do we have your attention yet?

It's our backyard.

Sign up here !

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MAY 2018

25 - 28
Memorial Day Wknd
Book Early.
Single Rider
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Holiday Inn Express & Suites Frazier Park
612 Wainright Ct, Lebec, CA
Meet 7:00, Safety Brief 7:30, Depart 8:00 AM

Arriving Early? Riders may stay at the Holiday Inn Thursday. (You must book your own room for Thursday.)

Contact Info:
Tim Mayhew : 530-391-1356

This tour ends:
This tour will end in Hemet, CA.
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Little Tujunga Rd


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