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How Long? Just three or four days.

This is a three or four day Weekend Guided Tour designed to offer maximum flexibility and not disrupt your normal work schedule or family life. It will be a FRIDAY-SATURDAY-SUNDAY tour. In this manner, those that have normal Monday through Friday work (or school) schedules will only have to take one day off of work. Or you might just want to call in sick! .

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How much?

Tours start at just $425 per motorcycle on the 3-day NorCal Tour, Sierra Nevada & Central Coast Tours & $490 for 4-day rides. There is an additional cost of $109 for a passenger riding pillion. This amount is designed to allow fellow riders who feel it would be unlikely they would ever have the funds to afford the average guided tour cost of $3000 per week to participate.

For local riders, the tour is NOT all-inclusive. You would be responsible for your own motorcycle, food, gas, & lodging costs and any incidentals along the way. This is intentional in that it opens up the tour to all riders, and even gives those riders who might be monetarily challenged a chance to participate in a guided tour.

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Bring your Camera

The terrain and scenery the group will pass through is highly selective. Bring the camera & shoot as much photography and video as you can.

In turn, we'd like to use your photography and video of our tour together to integrate into the Pashnit Motorcycle Tours website. This it is voluntary of course, but we'd greatly appreciate it.

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Arrive at 7am. At 7:30 AM we'll get on with our safety brief and then hit the road! We leave promptly at 8:00 AM Friday morning.


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Sights & stops along the way

There will be predesignated stopping points along the way. This is designed to regroup the tour and also give the tour participants a chance to experience the camaraderie that is felt while on a Guided Tour with like-minded motorcyclists.

These tours are designed for those that love to ride regardless of the type of motorcycle. Cruiser, Trike, Sportbike, Luxo-Tourer, Harley, whatever- we ride with all types of bikes!

We will be covering respectable distances, typically 250-300 miles per day, There will be plenty of stops along the way for photos and to absorb the sights, especially along the incredible California Coastline.

Fort Ross, numerous lighthouses, Big Hill Fire Lookout, Joss Hoss Chinese Temple, Calaveras Big Trees, Bodie Ghost Town, Malakoff Diggins, Historic Mount Whitney Fish Hatchery, Manzanar War Internment Camp, Lick Observatory, Bristlecone Pine Forest, Bridgeport Covered Bridge, Knights Ferry, giant sequoia & redwood groves, the Bigfoot Museum, Hearst Castle and Glass Mountain.

These are just a few of the many fascinating historic places we've visited through the years.

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Meals and Lodging

As stated, you will be responsible for your meals and lodging costs. This is intentional in keeping the tour cost at a bare minimum and allowing those that might not otherwise be able to participate in a guided tour to be a part of a Pashnit Motorcycle Tour.

If you you have a friend or relative near our lodging stop for the night, you are more than welcome to make alternate plans. However, it's important you let us know what those plans are so that we might block off enough rooms for our tour participants. In the morning, the tour group will meet again at 8:30 AM and continue the tour route.

Types of lodging vary widely with tours. While it's common for us to book lodging at a Best Western or Holiday Inn type hotel, we also love small quaint hotels. We've booked multiple places over the years along the Pacific Ocean (mere feet from your door!) and our favorites are definitely resort type lodging such as The Pines Resort in Bass Lake, CA or Inn of the Lost Coast in Shelter Cove, CA.
Beach Comber Motel, Fort Bagg, CA

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Required Gear

Due to the fact that this is a sport-touring orientated Guided Tour, Pashnit Motorcycle Tours will require that all tour participants wear motorcycle specific protective clothing and gear for the duration of the tour.

Protective gear is required to join the tour group. Quite simply, please do not show up for this Guided Tour in jeans, a sweat shirt and sneakers. While the pace will be a relaxed one, please wear the type of gear that will be your only level of protection between you and the pavement below. Your tour guides are devout believers in armored protective gear, and we trust that you are to.

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Safety is of paramount concern to your tour guides. And while one or your tour guides has been a registered nurse for over 30 years, he'd prefer not to use any of his skills during the tour. For the safety and continuity of the tour, we would ask that all tour participants ride in a safe manner reflective of the ride conditions. Any aberrant hooliganism of any kind, stoppies, wheelie's, burnies for example, will not be tolerated and you'll simply be asked to leave the tour. Please see Terms & Conditions for further details.

In addition, we would ask that all tour participants read The Pace, by Nick Ienatsch before participating in the Guided Tour.

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These tours are open to all motorcyclists on any marquee of motorcycle and any experience level. However, some rides strongly emphasize that it's preferred that you have at least several thousand miles of experience before you attempt a group tour on California roads. The roads will be endlessly twisty and offer a wide variety of riding environments.

You must be 21 or older (rider or passenger) and have a valid motorcycle license to participate in the tour. While Pashnit Motorcycle Tours has no way of knowing how much experience you have, please be mindful that a Guided Tour is not the place to learn to ride a motorcycle.

Experienced Only Tours

Note some of our tours are designed for experienced-riders-only and are not advisable for new riders, very large motorcycles or large cruisers. Experienced Riders are expected to have at least 5+ years of enthusiastic year-round experience on their motorcycle riding remote challenging paved mountain backroads along with at least 5000+ miles of concurrent recent experience.

Renting very large motorcycles is not advisable for Experienced-Only-Tours.

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Signing Up

We will require that all tour participants register on the Book a Tour webpage, complete the waiver and abide by the terms and conditions specified there. This is also intended to give us your feedback on the registration process and help us improve Pashnit Motorcycle Tours at every step of the way. There are three steps, and at present, print steps 1 & 3, and fax or mail them to the destination described below. Choose from...

Complete the registration form, read the Terms & Conditions and mail or fax the form.

If you would like to participate in both tours (our return rate is nothing short of amazing!), please annotate on your order, and adjust the cost accordingly. No need to fill out the form twice (there is an option to choose both tours).

Step 1: Book a Tour - Fill out the on-line form, sign, read the Terms & Conditions, Print and Sign the Waiver. Fax to 314-584-3430 or mail it to this address.

Email questions or
Phone: 530-391-1356


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