You have no idea where you are going.

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Highlighted Roads:  Not telling. Still not telling.


The tour description on this ride is pretty simple. There is none. This is the Mystery Tour.


You have no idea where you are going.


And we're not going to tell you.


Meet us at the designated meeting spot (somewhere in Central California) and let's ride. This ride functions like all Pashnit Tours, so no change there. Only thing is you're not going to know where we're headed. Just follow the guide.


I promise the roads will be super twisty, the company super friendly, and the ride super awesome!

The Mystery Tour will have two dates in the 2021 ride season. Both tours will ride different regions of the state and will not be the same. Like surprises? Sign up for both.

This ride will sell out and move to a waiting list.

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Tour #1: Friday, June 17, 2022
Tour #2: Friday, October 8, 2021
Meet: Tour #1: 520 Adobe Rd, Red Bluff,  California
Arrive: 7:00 AM, Safety Brief 7:30, Depart 8:00 AM
Cost: $440 per rider, $109 Passenger

This tour includes narrow steep single lane paved mountain roads. Mountain passes include steep grades to 26% and negotiating tight hair-pin corners. All roads on this tour are paved.


This mystery tour is not recommended for beginner riders or Very Large Motorcycles. Riders are expected to have at least several years of enthusiastic experience on their motorcycle riding remote challenging paved mountain backroads along with at least 5000+ miles of concurrent recent experience.

This tour is limited by the amount of rooms at our host lodging, just 10. We have booked rooms months in advance and our tours sell out by the end of January. Get on our mailing list to be the first to know about new rides. Tours are planned & announced in the late fall of each year.


Book early to ensure a spot on this new ride. Check with us to see if any available spots are open. Some of our rides may have waiting lists to be able to join the group.



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