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TOP 10 Reasons
to ride on a
Pashnit Tour

Top 10 Reasons to ride on a Pashnit Tour:

Why are you here?


It's asked with a bit of humor, a bit teasing even. It's one of our favorite questions, actually. The answers though are always different, but over the years, they've started to fit into particular categories. These are what Pashnit Riders are saying about why they go on a Pashnit Motorcycle Tour in California- counting down from ten...

Bonus Reason: "Socialization."

Social, huh? See... Here's the thing. There's a generation of American workers that don't interact with other adults. Mostly, they work from home. That's great, but what we miss is interacting with other folk who like to do what we like. We've noticed this interesting trend over nearly 20 years of Pashnit Tours. We're social animals. Furthermore, we need emotional connection to other adults. The tour brings out an extreme level of satisfaction, excitement and heightened sense of accomplishment. Fellow motorcyclists crave that . And our rides are a way for fellow riders to connect with other motorcyclists. If that's you with minimal adult contact due to your occupation, our tours fill that innate need.


Reason #10:
"Google'd Motorcycle Tours"

One of our favorite answers. Especially since these riders have likely never heard of 'Pashnit'. Every once in a while I get to explain the origin & meaning of the word with the funny spelling. (The answer is here.) Riders often stumble into this site via Google or a search. Rarely are they aware of just how big the site is, or in some cases that Pashnit is also the California Motorcycle Roads site, and contains nearly 100,000 photos!

Reason #9:
"Wife says I have to get out more"

Really? I laughed at that one. But it was true. She signed this fella up. Another said his wife signed him up because she felt more comfortable with her spouse on a guided tour vs. out running around by himself. Fair enough. That fella has been back three times. Guess who keeps signing him up?

This reason is also related to giving a Pashnit Tour as a gift. Wives will often surprise their spouse or loved one with a Pashnit Tour for birthdays or even Christmas!


Reason #8:
"Co-Worker bugged me till I gave in"

We have one participant that signed up for the tour as a new rider. Six months in the saddle at the time. He came back so excited, he eventually roped nearly every co-worker and ride buddy he had into a Pashnit Tour. You have got to love that. Word of Mouth has always been the cornerstone of the Pashnit Phenomenon!


This answer also is melded to Father-Son teams spending time together, even three brothers that live on opposites sides of the country getting together like this tour.


Reason #7:
"Getting back into riding after long absence"

It's not uncommon for riders who technically are not new riders, but rather returning riders, to sign up for a Pashnit Tour. A Pashnit Tour is a great way to improve your riding skills, (riding for 3 or 4 days will do that), spend time with fellow riders or re-discover some new places!


Reason #6:
"Long-time user of" has been around for quite some time. 25 Years. Always building, Always expanding. Riders often cite they've been logging onto the parent site for years. They've been reading about these tours for years now, and keep saying, I just have to do that! Finally, they do!!


Reason #5:
"I'm Pashnit Alumni- It's my 2nd, 3rd, even 4th Tour..."

Riders have admitted at times their ride buddies just want to head up to the same ride-hangout weekend after weekend. Or they're tired of the same 200-mile radius around their home. In the end, they want something different, something new- and it all comes down to roads. That one thing, that one universal thing that fascinates riders so. If that's your reason, then come on a tour designed by the guy who wrote the book on California Motorcycle Roads!

Reason #4:
"Tired of riding the same roads"

These tours are not for beginners. You need to have several years’ worth of concurrent motorcycling experience. You should have logged at least a few thousand miles on your motorcycle in order to get used to the bike, the basics of riding, cornering ability, and handling the motorcycle in varied conditions.

Reason #3:
"The voices inside my head"

No, I'm not making this one up, and yes, that's said tongue-in-cheek with a sly smile. Maybe this one reflects an inner sense of desire and longing to get out there on the open road, as cliche'd as that might be to say. Or maybe it means absolutely nothing, but just reflects the sort of goofy sense of humor exhibited by riders have that come on these rides. Let me ask the voices...

Reason #2:
"Meet like-minded nutjobs like me"

Yes, yes, that's said in a humorous way but when you read into it, it makes sense. Riders want to meet other riders who feel the same way they do.

These are motorcyclists who want to get out there, and they know there are others of their kind out there too. Every time you go on a Pashnit Tour, you meet fresh faces from all walks of like, from doctors to ditch diggers- all become equal. No labels, no titles, just Pashnit Riders.


...and the Number #1 Reason:
"Got sucked in by the pretty pictures"

Not quite the reason you expected? Around 25% cited this. The other answer we like to lump in with this one is: "Tired of looking AT the pictures, want to be IN the pictures!"

But it makes sense. Riders will often comment they had no idea that California had such a varied landscape, or was so mountainous of a state. All the photography you see on this website was shot on Pashnit Motorcycle Tours. These pics are what you will see, what the roads will look like, the vistas, that endless ocean, the people, the food! The list goes on. Look at any photo, say... "I want to go there!" and then click Book a Tour. California Dreamin' can become reality.



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