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What our Riders say...

Tom Hohl
Yamaha FZ10


In 43 years of non-stop riding well over 100 different motorcycles, I had always dreamed of riding out in California someday. So one day I was surfing the internet reading about this “Pashnit” guy and the tours he was putting on in the most beautiful places in California. The more I read, the more excited I got. I finally said “HOLY COW, I’M DOING THIS!

In the early days I would drive the 1000 miles from my home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado out to meet the guys at the designated meeting spot somewhere in California. After all it was TOTALLY WORTH THE DRIVE. After 10 years of riding every season with the Pashnit Tour group, I now keep a bike in California and fly out to ride. The riders are awesome. No attitudes, no racing, just pure ride-at-your-own-pace kind of fun with some incredible scenery (and I live in Colorado).

The roads… OH MAN THE ROADS! I remember one ride through the California Redwoods where we stopped to take a break in the Redwood forest. As we pulled to a stop, I jumped off my bike and ran to Tim and hugged him saying “This is the most incredible place I have ever been!”

I have to say our Death Valley ride was one of the top 2 rides I have ever been on in over 40 years of riding. As a first time Pashnit rider, I can tell you that I will be coming back, A LOT! The people were incredible, interesting, and most of all, love to ride motorcycles.

I can't thank you guys enough for introducing me to my new chapter in riding. As the others have jokingly said, "You're hooked now".

Yep I'm hooked!!

Michael Di Paolo
Aprilia RSV / Kawasaki ZX-6R


Sir Timothy,

Most certainly, a "spirited tour"...unmatched in my motorcycling memory.....maybe even in forever....a true 2-wheeled blessing. I've returned home to an exorbitant amount of work back in Montreal, but all of your emails, however, have kept my mind firmly entrenched in Napa and the Coast Range Tour.....

Besides meeting a great bunch of guys, being immersed in fabulous scenery, surrounded by the great Pacific Ocean and PCH, enjoying wonderful meals, and riding race-track roads in perfect weather ....what made this new tour so incredibly special.....was the collection of roads it offered.


Tim, if we haven't mentioned it enough times, you are the best motorcycling treat since the invention of the sport-bike itself ! Cudos to you, my friend. You make the Pashnit tour so easy, so fun, and just so damn good. It is as unique as it is therapeutic. Mister Mayhew, we all caught your "7th wave" last weekend! Un Gros Merci.

A friend of mine was watching the slide show of the tour pics you sent, and commented, "Wow, your tour guy also hired a professional photographer - what stunning shots"!!! .....'nuff said :-)

To the Russian Ninja Rockets,
The Spanish KLM Dancer,
The French Bimmer-Man,
The G-On-Force Super Sweeper
The Velocity V-Man,
And the Tour-de-Force

Tim, I thank you all for making me grin from ear-to-ear .... for 3 days.

Ride safely, keep your eyes on the road, and an ear close to the ground ...I hope to see you all again in October. For now, in the words of the great John Hiatt, it'll just have to be ... Adios to California :-)

-Michael Di Paolo
-Montreal, Canada

Joe Deluman
BMW K1600GT, KTM 990 / MV Augusta Brutale

Tim, thanks for what you do! The years and miles following you have altered my riding and the way I look at bikes. I started riding in Switzerland in 1966, France, Italy...Hooked ever since. Now when I'm appraising a new motorcycle to purchase, the litmus test has become: "How it would perform in 'Pashnit's Playground'?" Riding in tow behind you has opened my eyes to a whole new dimension by which I measure performance.

If I were to be asked by a major manufacturer to describe the "perfect motorcycle", I've decided I would ask them to spend a few thousand miles chasing you around the variety of terrain, surfaces, elevations and weather conditions we've experienced over the years I've spent following you, to design it.
The end result would raise eyebrows! (Think about it!) It's the greatest compliment I could pay you. That, and the bonds we form through these rides: After a while you get to really know these Pashnit Riders on many levels during the tours. Something magical begins to happen, as scuba divers, rock-climbers and mountaineers have known for ages: There's something about these men, tethering together, that is greater than their individual skills. The common experience among such a diverse group is really quite remarkable. Always learning from the masters, that's what keeps it interesting, why I keep coming back for more!
Hopefully I'm not embarrassing you by saying I count you among the best riders I have a privilege to share time and miles with. I've become a student of how you handle a motorcycle. And how you interact with riders. It's a bonus, well beyond the 'Pashnit' roads, the adventure and the fun. Thanks for all you do: May you do it for many years. It's touched a lot of riders. Like me.

Dale Harding
Honda Goldwing 1800


Prior to signing up for the ride, I had emailed the owner of Pashnit Tours, Tim Mayhew to ask about a Gold Wing joining a group of sport bike enthusiasts on a three day ride. Not wanting to be a "slow" burden to high performance biker types I asked, "What speeds were they planning on the ride?" -- my main concern as I knew that most riders of those type machines tend to love combining higher speeds and "twisties"... the roads with tight turns and highly cambered corners where the road builders seem to have followed the path of a derelict snake when laying asphalt through mountainous areas.

Tim stated not to worry about speed ... just enjoy your ride through some of the most beautiful scenery in the state at your own pace!

A bit hesitant after not riding for more than 15 years - I took it rather slow and easy for a while. Luckily - I had put several thousand highway miles on my "new to me" bike the past couple of months so I grew more confident with the many twists and turns fairly quickly. The "sweep" was a bit behind me however - enjoying the scenery and stopping several times to take photos, so I settled down to enjoy the ride. 

And what a beautiful ride it was! From long lazy sweepers in gently rolling hills along the beautiful coast to very tight, climbing 180 degree little devils in the woods, to the Forest Road 1 ridgeline (with 360 degree views for miles!) Every type of scenery throughout the three days - I loved it! We experienced every type of riding I believe is possible, and just as many climates!

A few of the "roads" we went on are not on most maps, however Tim has spent 20+ years learning where almost every mile of asphalt is in California and knew each of them well.

Tim discussed safety throughout the entire three days, along with skill improvement ideas for both long stretches of black ribbon and cornering/braking techniques. It became clear during our tour he is a firm believer in folks continually learning how to become better riders and therefore safer with their machines. I became a better rider on this tour - something I did not expect to do really.


Patrick Worsham
Suzuki VStrom 650


I was jittery with anticipation before the ride. Many moons ago, I was a simple college student who had secret dreams of riding somewhere far away. In my many motorcycle searches online, I fell across the website of a guy named Tim. Tim was a guy with a similar interest and a very good story to tell. And he had something else that no one had really ever done before. Tim had a mission to travel and photograph every road in California for all to share. I really got into his tales of his travels onboard an old Yamaha Venture. Tim kind of became my hero. And now I was about to ride with him; I could hardly contain myself.

As soon as the tour began, the group started to gel almost organically; we figured out who were the fast guys, the middle guys and who brought up the rear.
Later that night, conversation was bike-related and full of laughter. I was amazed to hear the very human side of an internet-celebrity story. I have to admit, I was still a bit star-struck. My impression of Tim was based on his modest online empire; selling parts, writing, and running his touring company. I almost expected a phony, but a very accessible and modest guy pleasantly surprised me. He had the same problems as most of us: too many things to do and not enough time to do them.

I was shocked to hear that almost all of the riding he does is only during his tours. The rest of the year is taken up being the father of 3 young children, and the employer of 1.

For years previously, I’d always ask myself why would I pay someone to lead me around on my bike when Google could do that for free. In this experience I had my answer; sit back, concentrate on riding, and leave the details up to the experts.


Bill Swartz
BMW K1200LT, BMW F800


Pashnit offers wonderfully dense flavors, incredible smells, beautiful presentation, seductive thrills and great company. It will pull you and your thoughts out of daily reality and immerse you in something better and different with unbelievable swiftness and thoroughness. It will give you perspective and memories that will last the rest of your life.

And no, Pashnit is not a restaurant, a club, or even an opium den. Its a motorcycle touring company and website. If you hate motorcycles, or have never wondered why dogs stick their noses out car windows, stop reading now. Nothing in this review will make any sense. In fact, you will probably find it annoying. But if you understand the intimacy with surroundings and freedom that come with two wheels, or enjoy a good but user controlled dose of adrenaline, then Pashnit may be for you. WAMP! WAMP! What it do? What it do? Motorcycle tours. You will join a group of maybe 15 other bikes and ride some roads picked out by Tim Mayhew , Pashnit guide/owner, stay in a hotel, eat some food and talk with fellow riders. But that's like saying NASCAR is about making left turns or Warren Buffet doesn't do anything but pick stocks all day.

Tours are based on the hundreds of thousands of miles of riding the Tims have put into setting them up. A truly great cook can work with the same ingredients and recipe as as an ordinary one but produce something with a far better and more dense flavor. These guys know how to string together the very best roads, stops and restaurants in a way that would be damn near impossible for a couple of buddies armed with a map and a guidebook. You will ride with one Tim out in front and the other in back. Both are mechanical and carrying tools, tire pumps, siphon tubing and other emergency gear.

Despite all this good stuff, Pashnit's greatest strength may be its near magical ability to attract quality people and forge a bond between them. For some participants, riding is a passion that overwhelms everything else, for others its a hobby that that coexists next to work, family and other interests. Some riders can hold their own on the race track, some have just a few thousand miles under their belts or 20 year gaps in their riding resumes. But in my experience (and I've done several Pashnit Tours) all share decency, common sense, respect and a love of the road.

Riders come as strangers and leave as friends. Its hardly surprising that Pashnit has led to at least one marriage. Ninety percent of the tour riders are repeat customers. That's crazy! Many riders are local, but almost every tour has someone who has come from far away just to participate.

Daniel Bertsch
Suzuki VStrom 650


I did a Google search one day for "Best motorcycle roads in California" and up came I clicked n the link for Pashnit and couldn't stop reading all the articles Tim had written about California roads and drooling over the thousands of photos on Pashnit. Did I ever luck out! I don't think there is a single source anywhere that has as much usable information for motorcycle riders either living in or visiting California. I became a California Motorcycle Roads subscriber and frequent visitor to the road website and found the information to be highly accurate and informative.

Once I clicked on a link for the Pashnit Motorcycle Tours section of the expansive site out of curiosity and discovered some very interesting tour options. I have always been a solo rider but have thought a organized tour might be fun. The description of the way the motorcycle tour was operated was very appealing. Ride at your own pace, all types of motorcycles are welcome, and I soon discovered riders from all over the place go on the tours. What surprised me most was that most of the motorcyclists on my tour were all local riders.

My first tour with Pashnit was the Northern Sierra Tour. Our rider group included an Australian rider on a rental Yamaha sport touring bike, a Canadian that rode her BMW K1200S down from Vancouver, Canada. Then I learned she had done multiple tours over the course of mulitple years with Tim, all the way from Canada!  Who does that?! We even had one rider on a Kawasaki Concours from Ohio on a six week ride around the United States that joined us. He built the group motorcyce tour into his multi-week solo ride aroudn the country.  A couple of guys took and extra two days to come up from Southern California and spend the first two days riding, then joined up with the Pashnit Crew.

We also had a couple on a large Beemer touring machines, several cruiser bikes, a few BMW's and Ducati's, a Triumph Tiger, and two Suzuki dual sport adventure bikes and of course Tim's Suzuki Hayabusa. We had a diverse group of riders on many different types of machines and abilities.

I was really impressed with the group. Really friendly people! Everyone on the tour had one singular purpose- To ride!, and ride we did. Tim Mayhew is the Pashnit guy, really easy going friendly and a great tour leader. Tim's enthusiasm and love for motorcycling is very infectious and the rider group gels because of it.

I am an intermediate rider and never ever felt that anyone looked down on me on the tour for my ability or my ride a Suzuki 650 V-Strom. My experience was the opposite, the experienced riders were very welcoming and helpful with some tips on improving my riding. I soon found myself riding with the lead group with Tim.

The beauty of the Pashnit way of touring is that if your ability and comfort zone is at the front, that's fine, if your desire is to take it easy that is fine too. Nobody feels like they have to rush to keep up.

If you have never ridden the northern regions of California, you are in for a treat! Imagine carving gold country river canyons with long straights, sweepers, and tight corners,hidden paved roads that ride like roller coasters, cruise stunning alpine mountain roads. Tim called it the "NorCal Motorcycle Wonderland", and it was!

My favorite.... the roads through the beautiful mountain ranches that look straight out of the 1800s. OK maybe it was the roller coaster goat trail. Most of the roads have little or no traffic to speak of. Great people, fantastic roads, all in all a very memorable tour. I made some new friends, visited places I had never heard of, had a absolute blast. One bonus for me, my riding ability moved up a notch or two from riding with such great riders. I too will be one of the many rider that keep coming back for another tour. I can't wait till my next Pashnit Motorcycle Tour.


Paul & Michele
Harley-Davidson Road King


I’d known for a few years that my husband’s ultimate dream was to ride the Pacific Coast Highway so what better way to celebrate his 50th birthday than to arrange a bike trip. I googled ‘California Motorcycle Tours’ and up came Pashnit Motorcycle Tours. This was the beginning of an unforgettable journey.

It didn’t take much convincing for Paul’s good friend, Sean, and his wife, Kim, to join us and by January we were booked for The Grand Tour Labor Day weekend. Our winters in Toronto, Canada, can be pretty harsh so the faster the cold left, the better..and even better that we were soon headed south!

We landed in San Francisco and had two days to enjoy the Bay Area before we met up with the rest of the gang in Livermore. What a great bunch of guys—and ones that we would come to know and share many laughs with!

Tour guide Tim Mayhew did an amazing job—from planning the best routes with the most incredible scenery, to booking us in at some very quaint lodgings and finding ‘grub stops’ in the middle of nowhere. The terrain and views were spectacular—one moment we were 8,000 feet high and the next we had dropped 2,000 feet along the ever winding roads. Being the only two Harley riders, Paul and Sean had to take the turns a bit slower so we got used to seeing the tail light of the last guy on the sport bikes just before they tore off out of sigh. Then at each crossroads and turn, they were waiting for us only minutes behind. Each day was full of exciting riding—from 8am until the time we rolled into the next hotel at 5pm.

That added up to 1200 miles in 4 days! Tim’s vast knowledge of California Motorcycle Roads area made each stop interesting and we always looked forward to the end of the day when we’d all be gathered for dinner and had a chance to share stories.

We definitely are ‘passionate’ about Pashnit and I’d sincerely like to thank Tim for helping me make my man’s birthday so awesome. He’s now asking for the NorCal Tour for his 51st! Thanks a lot, guys!

Mark Henderson
Harley-Davidson Deuce


I roll into South Lake Tahoe unsure of my immediate future. I stop at a small local store, buy a drink, a map. Slowly rolling along, Lake Tahoe comes into view. Wow!  I stop at a beach on the shore of the lake pouring over the map wondering what to do next. I begin to wax nostalgic about the previous 58 hours.  Wait, is that all it was? 58 hours? That can’t be right. Let’s see, 7:30AM Friday it all started.

All these strangers. All these different bikes. Big touring bikes, sportbikes, my Harley. Three dual sports? The thought of what have I gotten myself into? Saturday morning is 24, Sunday makes 48. It’s 5:00 PM Sunday now, wow 58 is right. How could so much happen in just 58 hrs? How could so much change in just 58 hrs?

For a few years, I had been lurking around the Pashnit site and was drawn to the group pictures from the tours. There's a scroll of group pics on the homepage of the Pashnit Tours homepage, the scroll goes on forever!  Now, understand I generally don't like being alone in a group of strangers, it is way outside my comfort zone, but the atmosphere around the Pashnit website and the group photos made me comfortable enough to sign up alone. I ride for the adventure, I am compelled to go places I have never been, see things I have never seen, do things I have never done, that is what drives me to ride.

The photos of the tours told the story, particularly the group shots. In fact, it was the group picture in front of the Sonora Pass sign in the snow that did more to convince me to join a Pashnit Motorcycle Tour than any other single thing. I'll admit I was more than a little anxious. Three days with "a bunch of strangers" was (and still is) as mentioned, way out of my comfort zone. I must have rode past the meeting point 4 or 5 times Thursday just to get comfortable. I rode around town that same evening looking into the face of every other biker I saw wondering "is he here for the same reason I am?"


I was worried how I would fit in. I even went out and purchased a full face helmet 2 days before the tour because I didn't want to show up wearing my skid lid.

But once we were on the road, there was a natural affinity between groups of riders, and the groups didn't separate according to brand, they separated according to a comfortable pace for those riders, in fact I usually had a Honda ST in front of me or behind me. The interesting aspect of this subject is that when we hit the dinner table no outside observer could tell what type of bike anyone rode. To try and say it better, any riding groups of 2 or 3 bikes that naturally formed on the road evaporated at dinner time. There was only one group at the dinner table, in fact I sat by (and talked to) someone different at each meal.

58 hours straight and not one negative word or gesture or thought. Wait, is that right? It was. How could that be? 14 adults from all backgrounds- from places like Georgia, Louisiana, Las Vegas, England, and Japan spend 58 hrs together with no BS. No attitude. No drama.  Then it dawned on me….why I was sad. It was over.

I knew I would see some of these folks again, that I would make sure of. I will see Tim again, this will certainly not be my last tour with them. I realized that even though I will likely see these people again, We will never be together, all together, like this again. It’s over…forever. I’ll never have that 58 hrs again.

As my reminiscing began to catch up with real time, that wave of sadness washed over my entire soul. It was over. The adventure was over. It became clear in that relaxed moment along the lake, that it was the people that made the tour what it was, simple enough. The roads are great, the scenery is spectacular but the people made this trip.

For about an hour, I relaxed, decompressing, blissfully reliving the last 58 hrs while overlooking the beautiful  Lake Tahoe. Then a switch flipped in my brain, time to go home.

It’s 6:00 PM. Too early to get a room, 2 hrs of daylight left. I pointed the nose of my Harley Deuce into the wind, it was all business now, get home. Thanks to everyone for the time of my life! What you have here on these tours is so special, I cannot express.

Scott Sand

I'm a complete mess. I've been back at work for two days now here in Georgia and haven't been able to concentrate on my work at all!

The trip with the Pashnit Motorcycle Tour group was one of the most fun things I've ever done in my 50 years. And talk about getting your money's worth! Even though I've been riding about six years now (after a 28 year lay off), that was the most I've ever done in three days!

I loved every minute of the riding. It was a bit of a challenge riding the bigger BMW 1150 RT than what I'm used to. I know that bike must have been 200lbs heavier than my ZR550. I know my skills have improved just riding the "line" and watching the faster folks up front. What a great group of talented riders!


What a great group of folks. Did I just get lucky or is it always like that?? Everyone was so nice, southern hospitality has nuthin on California!

What awesome roads! It was amazing to see SO MANY smooth as billiard table asphalt roads out in the middle of nowhere with no traffic!

What awesome scenery! I could have stopped hundreds of times to take pictures but the thrill of the ride made me push on and on to keep up with the group.

I had a couple of days before and after the tour for taking my sweet time, taking pictures and getting used to the big bike. It was good to be back home to my wife and my doggie but I swear I could have spent two weeks riding and exploring California Motorcycle Roads.

I hope to make it out again to be another one of those "alumni rides" as most of my tour mates were repeat clients that just can't get enough "pashnit" riding! I just wanted to thank you, Tim and everyone else in making the "pashnit" part of my week long California tour SO AWESOME. Tim, you've really got something special!


Neil & Ron Cervanka
Kawasaki Vulcan 1500

To everyone reading these- the enthusiasts, the inquisitive, the lurkers (I was one too ) - if you are wondering if the trip was worth it, it was entirely. The roads, the people, the overwhelming organization that appeared as if everything was spontaneous. The entire trip was great. My dad welcomed his 60th year in a fashion few other Wisconsinites have even dreamed of. This was the trip of a lifetime for him.

The moments of adrenaline - coming down the ridgelines . The views of explainable grandeur - Yosemite National Park. Meeting up with new friends along the way . The trip mishaps that weren't mentioned in the photo thread about our ride- as in the rental Harley with the alarm that wouldn't turn off. Every moment was memorable. This trip was worth every penny and more. I can't wait to go on another Pashnit Tour. I have since changed my bike to a more capable Hayabusa, but the tour moves at everyone's one pace.


Steve Foster
Yamaha FJR1300

Well it's Day 3 after the tour and I'm finally getting my brain to work at 55MPH instead of the “spirited” pace that we kept for 3 days.

As I reflected over the weekend ride I naturally started to compare the Sierra Pashnit Tour with the Central Coast Pashnit Tour (I've been on several tours so far) and realized that the only difference between those two in particular were the roads. It is so remarkable to think that with two different groups of people in different places at different times that there could have been so much in common between us.

As on the tour before, everyone just meshed right off the bat, everyone had a story to tell and everyone wanted to hear it. The experiences each rider had was as diverse as the ride, yet while one rider liked one road another liked a different road but everyone loved the whole ride. How remarkable is that! We all spoke the same language- motorcycles, yet we all had vastly different machines to speak with. We each love the motorcycle we had, yet we all admired and were interested in each other's ride as if we were going to go out and get one for ourselves. I can't think of many other places or times that one can see such a group dynamic like that.

Before Pashnit Tours I thought riding was fun and that I knew what riding was all about. But after these trips I have come to know the true freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle on roads that can only be ridden to really understand them and to have had the Honor and Privilege to share the experience with people that were able to understand what we all were feeling which was the sheer joy of being free on a motorcycle if even for a short time.


I want to thank our tour guide Tim for following your dreams of riding and wanting to share that dream of riding with all of us. Because if you had not stepped out of line and took a chance on your dreams then all of us would have never been as free as we are now.

Your a shining example of how one person can change the world because I know you have changed mine. I have since been riding with Pashnit Tours for over 10 years now, and keep coming back for more.


Brendan Maxwell
Honda ST1100

In the early part of July, I decided to take a motorcycle based holiday, somewhere in the world, as part of a special celebration. The only real restriction was that I needed to make arrangements quickly, due to personal commitments. I made my research on-line and was seriously considering options in Thailand, South Africa and South America when I came across a site I had not seen before. Pashnit Motorcycle Tours!

Anticipation for such an adventure had been building for a couple of years and as a motorcycle race fan, the Moto GP Tour had a lot of appeal for me but it was important that my final choice provided value for money since I would inevitably be traveling a long way for the experience- all the way from England. That meant the ability to ride quickly on a quality road surface, against a backdrop of eye catching scenery, in a relaxed atmosphere, whilst meeting new people.

With only days to go before the tour began, I called Tim Mayhew who quickly reassured me that this tour could fulfil my expectations and even at that late stage, he presented a very positive 'can do' attitude, which I liked.

The 'Clincher' was a short video presentation which I found on the PMT video page and I recommend all new visitors to take a few moments to view that short piece of film. I was convinced this tour was exactly the thing I was looking for.

The impending Moto GP meant that the vast majority of rental bikes in the San Francisco Bay Area had already been snapped up. Tim kindly resolved the situation by offering his own 'spare' personal bike, his Honda ST1100, to ensure I had the type of machine which I preferred, on such a trip. I was grateful to him for that offer since he knew very little about me at that time.

I went ahead and booked with just 6 days to go before the tour date and quickly made arrangements to fly to the United States. What followed was quite simply the most enjoyable motorcycling experience I have ever had. Every one of the things which I was looking for from this tour, was taken care of. I had the freedom to ride at my own pace, the routes were chosen with care to provide variety and interest, Northern California's landscape was beautiful and, at times, breathtaking. In addition, there was a laid back feel throughout each day which was infectious and had the effect of putting me at complete ease, yet, there was no lack of organisation.

Clearly, a great deal of planning had gone into the tour and nothing was left to chance. To cap it all, with the superb riding over, the Moto GP Circus, supported by the AMA Superbike guys provided a spectacle to rival any motorsport event anywhere in the world.

Pashnit Tours ensured that we had excellent grandstand access for the whole weekend to maximise viewing of the main events supplemented by Paddock passes which enabled even the most hardened 'Petrol Head' to get a fix of technical close ups. They even provided iced water & umbrellas when the temperatures soared! How's that for attention to detail? I was made so welcome by everyone which contributed significantly to a terrific experience. I am already considering another Pashnit tour!


Kevin Kone
BMW R1150R Rockster

Having just bought my first motorcycle in November 2005, riding the new motorcycle felt like second nature to me having been an avid cyclist my whole life riding my bicycle every free chance I had. When I found Tim's Pashnit Motorcycle Tours website, I knew I had to go on the very first motorcycle tour of the year to Central California. I signed up for the trip several months in advance with the excitement and anticipation growing each day we got closer to the departure date.

About two weeks before the trip was scheduled to depart, it looked like the rains were not going to let up for the trip. I contemplated canceling the trip, but decided I had to go no matter what the weather. The trip turned out to be a spectacular!. The views of Big Sur coastline were simply magical. As a native Californian, I regret not driving this stretch of California earlier in my life. The second day of riding through the backroads of Central California San Luis Obispo County was the high point of the trip. We even randomly met a number of local riders who all seemed to know who Tim was. Hey, isn't that the Pashnit Guy!? The roads in San Luis Obispo County were built for motorcycles, with perfect pavement, no cars and absolutely the best views.

Each road we went on kept getting better and better and better. It was hard for me to believe this was possible. I felt like a kid who was on their first trip to Disneyland, except this was Disneyland for grown ups! Midday, I asked Tim, "Is it always like this?" He just smiled.

The tour participants and the roads made the ride an experience of a lifetime. You will not regret singing up for any of the trips. I am signed up for two more trips this summer- the Sierra Nevada ride & the 4-Day NorCal Ride. Looking forward to more time on the road with Pashnit !!

Kevin has since attended quite a few Pashnit Tours (I've lost track) and recently married another tour participant he met via PMT! Congrats Kevin!.


Glenn Stasky
Yamaha FJR1300

Just finished reading the Photo Thread of our Pashnit Motorcycle Tour together. Great journal of our trip! As you said, I could hardly stop smiling the whole time. I took my Yamaha FJR into the dealer the other day for an oil change and a new set of tires. The technician asked “how did you do that (referring to my bald tire)....a track day?” I just laughed and told him our motorcycle tour and your California Motorcycle Roads website!

Seeing those pictures makes me experience the feelings, smells and sights of those four awesome days all over again. Who could imagine the wondrous adventure that awaited us while we sat drinking coffee in Sausalito? From sea to snow covered hills….there is no way on earth that one could duplicate that "experience" on their own. Even with a map and destinations in mind, the whole Pashnit "thing” would be impossible to copy. I think it is due in part to the camaraderie, sense of adventure, amazing views, phenomenal roads….but most likely…it is your passion. And, I cannot believe how much my riding improved too! Thanks so much! I can't wait to ride with you again!

As I said a dozen times during the ride....."how on earth did you find this road?"


Vince Toy
Yamaha R1

"Let's Ride!!"  Those two words you'd say as we were about to start riding were always music to my ears.  As you know, my friend Kevin was how I came upon hearing of your services, before that I had heard of the Pashnit California Motorcycle Roads website through other "biker" friends.  Why did I go?  To shut Kevin up who kept raving about your tours.  Well...   that and it was a natural progression for me.  I went from just commuting to the weekend day rides with some local buddies and had always fantasized about a multi-day trip. 

I figured this would be a great opportunity for me to get my "feet wet" on this sport touring thing.  Well all I can say Tim is that I think I'm hooked.  My weekend day trips have now been ruined and I have you to thank for that!! The tour exceeded all my expectations, mostly though, I exceeded expectations in myself.  Prior to your tour, as you have kindly reminded me throughout the trip, I had mentioned that my long distance rides consisted of mainly 100-150 mile ranges.  I had one ride where I did put on approx. 300 miles in a day but I was crying like a baby!  You can understand why I felt a bit nervous about signing up for a 3 day tour, especially on a sportbike. 

On your tour, the company of a great group of riders was what kept me going and staying fresh.  I was amazed to find out we did approx. 330 miles the first day and I was still ready to do more!  In the 3 days I personally covered 975 miles and I still rode into work the day after the ride. I love my Yamaha R1,  but I was very envious of all those Yamaha FJR's and the Honda ST1300 on the tour.  I'm not quite ready to trade mine in, but I'm no longer excluding these sport tourers as a "potential" next bike! Thanks again Tim for everything.

"Let's Ride!!"

Haroldo & Megan Filho
Kawasaki Vulcan 1500

All you new (slow, inexperienced) riders out there: don't be discouraged by the testimonials of the sport bike pros! I started riding 6 months ago, and was so excited about the new bike thing that I searched for "bike tours" on, and this Pashnit guy came up as the only local guy who offered weekend motorcycle tours. Heck! Let's go! I didn't know who he was, let alone what kind of riders would come along. My wife, who is the girliest of all girly girls, rode pillion for fun.

The riders were professionals from all over California who shared their enthusiasm for motorcycles, regardless of what kind. My wife and I were the slowest in the group, however, we were never left behind. We had a great time cruising while the other guys had a great time flying. Tim was always switching between tearing it up with the fast riders, and cruising with me and my wife. The roads ranged from easy and smooth to goaty twisty, cars were scarce, and jaw dropping scenery was constant. Our favorite was twisty Highway 96. It seemed to go forever!

My riding abilities increased tremendously as the whole group was constantly watching out for me (from far away in their rear view mirrors) and giving me pointers. Whenever we stopped (either to kick tires on breath taking views or for gas and food), we shared random life experiences, riding experiences, advice, jokes and the list goes on. The riding was intense and exciting- and for any motorcycle enthusiast that's all we want! The one thing my wife and I had in our minds once we got home was: "When can we hook up with this group and go for a ride again?"

(Haroldo has been back - multiple times since his first ride & since moved on to a KTM.)


Ayumi Imai
Suzuki GSXR1000

Thank you for another great tour!! I really enjoyed riding with you and experiencing the great views in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I have now attended FOUR(!) Pashnit Tours and truly enjoyed each of them. Great and safe riding, beautiful roads, breathless scenery, great people, great foods, and etc. (Ahh, I wish I can ride every weekend! LOL!)

I am from Japan & I gave up motorcycles once after ten-years of riding in Japan. Although I loved riding motorcycles, it was my choice to leave motorcycles at that time. But I felt I was missing something in my life since then and I could not recognize what it was until I began ridng on your Pashnit Motorcycle Tours.

For me, the last four Pashnit Tours were not just motorcycle tours to have fun, but rather they've been a precious experience to regain that pleasure and joy to live my life. Through your tours, I've been able to recognize how much I love motorcycles, enjoy riding, and how wonderful it is to share this passion for riding and experience it with others who feel the same. Thank you again for the wonderful tours. I wanted to let you know that I started dating one of the riders I met on your tours and we recently got married!

Note: Aymui rode the very first year of Pashnit Tours in 2004 & has been back over 10+ tours.


Richard Berthet

It all started about two or three years ago; sitting in my office in Sydney, Australia wasting my time on the Net I tripped over the website and cruised over the California Motorcycle Roads pages. Thought to myself “gee that would be a nice thing to do before I die”. I thought no more of it until I found myself sitting in my accommodation in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada, for the geographically challenged) bored with driving the Albertan roads; all straight and flat! I started researching motorcycle rentals and places to ride.

Lo and behold I fell over the Pashnit site again. Only this time, I noticed a link for motorcycle tours in California. And, California was just a little closer for a weekend ride. A plan began to come together.

With limited time-off to take I begged off work (it takes a day to get to San Francisco from Canada), booked: flights; the 3 day Northern California Tour; booked a rental BMW 1200 GS and a hotel near the start point which Tim helped me with.

Then counted the days. Almost as excited as a kid about Christmas, expectations were set to high for this Australian! Finally found myself at the airport heading to San Francisco. Picked my rental bike up from the rental facility and had the pleasure (!!??) of riding from downtown San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sauasalito in the evening rush hour. Met up with everyone on Day One at the appointed meeting place. A small group of passionate riders prepared to go a decent distance at a decent pace. In total seven riders formed a cozy tight group of experienced riders.

I won’t bore you with all the details of the ride. Let’s just say expectations were exceeded by a long way and it has taken me three days to come down from the high. The time just flashed by and all of sudden I’m returning the cycle and heading back to work in Canada.

A Pashnit Tour has got to be the best value for money tour you’ll ever get. The tour guide Tim is immensely knowledgeable and friendly and will take you on roads that would otherwise take a long time to find. There’s a bit of something for everyone; you go at your own pace, they won’t leave you behind. Would I go with them again? You bet, how about tomorrow!"

Editor's Note: A few years after his ride with us, Richard left us due to cancer. Much too young, RIP Richard, we truly enjoyed our time together with you. Ride while you can, you just never know.


Jeff Baker
Apilia Tuono 1000R

This was my very first experience riding with a group, let alone an organized motorcycle tour. I was a bit hesitant about the experience going in, worrying about issues such as the pace (I don't like going slow) and daily mileage.

Coming away from riding with these guys, all I can say is that I had an absolute blast!! Right out of the gate, I had a great time hanging out with Tim and the other riders. The comradarie, laughter, and road tales that filled all the stops left never a dull moment. Tim did a great job at both allowing for us faster riders to unleash our beasts when we felt the need, but at the same time keeping the slower riders a part of the group. (Never thought I'd be hanging out with a rider on a cruiser and still be having fun!)

The daily mileage was just right. I love being in the saddle, and packing in every twisty I can get while the sun holds out. While not as marathon as I'm accomustomed to, our ride was filled with incredible roads that filled the day just right. Relaxed, fun, and enough to quench my thirst for miles. And we always seemed to get back to the hotel, hot tub, and neighboring pub just as the body was starting to tire!

I can say without hesitation that I'd whole heartedly recommend touring with Pashnit Motorcycle Tours to just about any rider out there. I had an incredible, memorable time, and look forward to hooking up with Tim for another Pashnit Motorcycle Tour the first chance I get! Had so much fun, I've ridden several motorcycle tours so far with the Pashnit Crew and will be there again for the Sierra Nevada Motorcycle Tour in June!



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