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300,000 Miles of research...

The years - two decades - have started to slip by. Enough where I can look back on early tour pics and see the age difference in my face. A lot of miles through the years, hundreds of faces, and I’ve led tours with many different motorcycles. But there's one thing that always stays the same... Whether you started riding as a kid, in college or in your 50's, we all share something in common. Motorcycling is unlike any other type of activity.

It’s something you look forward to, those moments on the bike, with your partner or the perfect solitude of the one-up ride. It’s something you carry with you in the back of your mind wherever you are. And you wouldn't trade it for the world. Whether your passion is vintage, standard, cruiser, or sport bike, there is something about riding that allows us to see the world differently.

Your Pashnit Motorcycle Tour is the result of 30 years of exploration, 300,000 miles of riding, tens-of-thousands of photographs, and hundreds of pages of text- all about California! Pashnit Motorcycle Tours has compiled a thrilling combination of motorcycle roads, the very best in lodging, and great food to top it off.

These roads have been our personal playground for years, and over time we’ve plotted out the best riding in California for you on your own motorcycle holiday. We’ll show you places and roads easily missed and passed over by the crowd.

During our ride together, you’ll experience the camaraderie of like-minded enthusiasts, dine in restaurants that overlook oceans, and each evening we’ll gather together in places of lodging that inspire awe and a sense of calm. Motorcyclists can be a diverse bunch. But there’s one thing we all share; we love to experience the road from the seat of a motorcycle.

Come see California, and allow us to show you what the 'Passion' is all about!

TIM MAYHEW created the website in 1999 and has devoted 30 years to photographing and writing about California roads. His tireless efforts writing about California Motorcycle Roads website have spread across the globe, becoming the definitive guidebook for motorcycle travel in California. Tim's work on the website has gained a global audience and has often been called one of the best motorcycling sites about California riding on the web.
Feature articles about Tim have appeared in Cycle World Magazine, City Bike, Motorcycle Tour & Travel and the debut issue of Road Trip Magazine.  Tim's motorcycle travels have gotten the attention of National Geographic, Rider, Motorcyclist, Motorcycle Tour & Travel,  American Motorcyclist, BMW North America, Honda Riders Association of America, numerous newspapers and even the cable channel Outdoor Life Network. Tim has been interviewed on FOX40 Television, Cycle Talk Radio and done public speaking on motorcycle travel for BMW.

The noted author and photographer will lead his 250th organized motorcycle tour in August 2025.  Tim has designed and led tours for the staff of Cycle World Magazine, plus written travel articles for Friction Zone Magazine and Cycle World Magazine.
Tim offers his enthusiasm and fascination for California Motorcycle Roads to you in person with California's premier tour company, having led over 3 million combined miles of guided motorcycle tours.

In 2017, Tim Mayhew experienced a brain hemorrhage while leading a motorcycle tour in Southern California, then began a road to recovery and leading more tours.

Read the story here... Stroked.
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