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2022 Death Valley Motorcycle Tour

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Starting off our 2022 Tour Season, our Death Valley tour begins from Tulare in Central California, at the edge of the Sierra Nevada Foothills. Meeting up with the guys, ready to ride.

Small group this ride, I limited this group to just ten bikes.

Small Central Valley California town of Terra Bella, these are all farming communities

This region east of Tulare was miles and miles of orange trees.

The straights evolve into the rolling hills at the edge of the Sierra Nevada Foothills.

It leads to Fountain Springs. And we continue towards Glennville. We cross over Hot Springs Rd / Parker Pass. We can't take that route this early in the year as there's still too much snow up in the higher elevations.

Next Time:

Old Stage Rd headed for Posey is a delight. Zero other traffic.

Old Stage Rd also has a mini canyon you ride through - super twisty, and fun!